18cm Acme T Seal Standard Numbered HMRC Accepted 1000pcs

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Product Description

The Acme T Seal is a fixed length metal seal manufactured in Tin plated steel. The design features a unique double locking action and inspection holes in the lock box which enable the user and security personnel to view the tips of the “T” mechanism within the lock box ensuring the seal has been correctly locked and has not been pre-tampered.

Taken from the recent Security Seal Testing Authority Test Inspection Document
“It is unlikely that a seal of this type can be resealed as if it had not been tampered without severe damage to the swaging, riveting and interlocking mechanism”.

This seal cannot be disengaged by intrusion or manipulation, nor can it be dismantled or cut without leaving obvious traces. Length offered at 18cm and is suitable for use in temperatures of -60ºC to 320ºC
(-76ºF to 608ºF).

Recommended applications
Trailers, Tankers, Containers, Rail freight, Refineries, Cash bags, Postbags, Lockers.

Matt tinplated steel
Available Operating Length
18cm standard
Other lengths available through our sales office
Strap width
Marking Dimensions
10mm x 85mm
Average Breaking Strength

HM Revenue & Customs Sub-Group 3
EU Regulation 2454/93, Article 386, Annex 46A
US In-Bond Security